Siemens Hearing Aids at HearCare Rhode Island

Siemens Hearing Aids began their long history of hearing technology innovation in 1878 with a telephone-based device invented by Werner von Siemens. Coincidentally, their latest hearing aid models connect with iPhones, Android phones and other smart devices, which increase accessibility for wearers in the digital age. Siemens is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, technologically advanced hearing aids, with a wide range of options to treat varying degrees of hearing loss. Siemens also offers hearing aids that connect via Bluetooth to audio-visual electronics. Their hearing aids are characterized by sleek, slim designs for both receiver-in-canal and behind-the-ear styles; certain models are compatible with their eCharger, a device which simultaneously dries out moisture from daily wear and charges the hearing aid battery. In January 2015, the Audiology Solutions division of Siemens was sold and was renamed the Sivantos Group. In January, 2016, the Sivantos Group continued the long tradition of Siemens hearing aid technology and introduced its new brand, Signia.

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