Signia Primax Hearing Aids at HearCare Rhode Island

Signia Primax, a remarkable new hearing device, has just been released by Sivantos (the maker of Siemens hearing aids). This device provides the wearer with sophisticated customization options and eases listening in challenging settings such as restaurants, bars, and other crowded places. Sound quality and audibility are perfectly balanced like never before in the Primax, guaranteeing an easy, untroublesome listening experience to the wearer, no matter the sound environment.

Effortless Hearing in Any Environment


Increased Understanding, Fewer Distractions

Daily life with hearing loss can be challenging, especially when one is trying to keep up with conversation in a noisy, crowded setting. This task can indeed be mentally exhausting and lead to increased stress and misunderstandings.

The Primax was designed with this problem in mind, and equipped with Speechmaster – a feature which analyzes the acoustic environment and adapts the hearing aid accordingly, using advanced directionality to reduce background noise while aiming amplification towards the dominant source of speech. Thanks to this feature, wearers will be better able to understand their companions in noisy places, with significantly less effort.

Signia Primax - Speechmaster

CROS and BiCROS Solutions

Better Hearing – In Both Ears

Signia Primax CROS

Patients with single-sided hearing loss will particularly benefit from the Signia Primax and its use of CROS and BiCROS technology. Based on e2e wireless™ 3.0, which conserves energy while increasing binaural sound quality, this technology allows wearers to hear in a more natural way with greater overall comfort. A CROS Pure® transmitter is worn behind the ear without the aid, and the audio signal is wirelessly transferred to the Primax device on the other side, allowing the wearer to hear sounds from both sides. The overall result is a more dynamic, balanced, true-to-life listening experience every day.


Clearer Phone Conversations

Another benefit of the Primax for those with one-sided hearing loss is the TwinPhone feature, which improves communication by allowing for binaural hearing during telephone conversations. This feature, which is compatible with all phones (whether Bluetooth-enabled or not) is ideal for those who prefer to hold the phone to their ear, rather than using a hands-free version. TwinPhone allows these wearers to hold the phone to one ear, but still receive the amplified signal to both ears, providing clear communication and understanding for every phone call.

Signia Primax TwinPhone

HD Music

Enriched Sound Quality

The Signia Primax also offers a unique advantage to musicians and music lovers: HD Music. Using high-frequency-enhancing 12 kHz extended bandwidth, this device features three specialized music programs which have been designed to enhance the listening experience, whether the wearer is performing music, listening to recorded music, or attending a live concert. With HD Music, wearers will experience superior, nuanced sound quality with every note.


Reduced Reverberations

The Signia Primax has been equipped with EchoShield, another excellent feature which increases listening comfort. By analyzing both direct and reflected sounds, this technology effectively softens echoes and minimizes reverberations in settings such as lecture halls, cathedrals, churches and museums. Softer reflections will not be over-amplified, and the effects of reverberation will be reduced overall, leading to greater enjoyment of cultural events, with fewer distractions.

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