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Benefits of Using Hearing Aids

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What are the Benefits of
Hearing Aids?

“Life is a great adventure or nothing.” Helen Keller

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest and for those of us who need the extra boost hearing aids help us ensure that seize every moment! The benefits of using hearing aids span across a broad spectrum of life situations from being able to hear better to boosting confidence. These amazing pieces of technology are a real life investment. Here is a brief list of how hearing aids can help life continue to be a great adventure for those with hearing loss.

Hearing Aids Improve Overall Quality of Life

hearing aid benefitsNot only can hearing aids help one hear better but they also help one build and maintain relationships with family, friends and work. Untreated hearing loss can contribute to anxiety, depression, stress, and social isolation when one struggles to hear conversations or feels like he or she can’t keep up. It can be extremely frustrating for both parties who are trying to understand and be understood. This can become a barrier to one’s personal relationships with their loved ones. Also in the workplace, someone with untreated hearing loss may also run the risk of decreased annual earnings.

If one is diagnosed with hearing loss, hearing aids can help prevent and restore relationships as well as build one’s overall confidence. The assurance that one is fully engaged with conversations and their surroundings can bring security and independence as well as alleviating stress and exhaustion from the struggle attributed to hearing loss. Hearing aids can help one feel good about oneself when one is able to fully participate in all that life has to offer.

Hearing Aids Improve Mental Health

Hearing loss not only brings stress to relationships but has also been linked to higher risks of cognitive decline and the development of dementia. Johns Hopkins University did a study and suggests “seniors with hearing loss are significantly more likely to develop dementia over time than those who retain their hearing.” It’s uncertain whether the strain from decoding sounds overwhelms the brain, if the complexities of social isolation due to hearing loss are a major contributing factor, or if a combination of both are behind the development of dementia. In the end, untreated hearing loss does more than take its toll on one’s personal relationships but also on one’s health.

This undesirable process can be interrupted by the use of hearing aids. Increasing one’s hearing ability can slow, delay or even prevent the cognitive decline usually attributed with hearing loss. Hearing aids not only improves one of the five senses but also one’s mental health!

Hearing Aids Improve Safety

Our sense of hearing is one of our natural safeguards and everyday tools. Sounds help us orient ourselves to our surroundings. Loud sirens, horns, and alarm systems alert when there is danger. Our ears also help us determine from what direction voices and noises are coming. When this is impeded one is more vulnerable to make mistakes or accidents. This can be as simple as turning in the wrong direction to respond to someone calling one’s name to a more detrimental situation where one fails to hear the horn of an oncoming car on the street.

Therefore, hearing aids helps one to stay oriented to their environment not only for everyday situations but also for safety. They help ensure that one receives clear signals from one’s surroundings as well as keeps one from dangerous situations.

Hearing is ingrained in every aspect of our lives so when one struggles with hearing loss, it affects one’s life greatly. Hearing aids can help bridge the gap to give one the opportunity to still live life’s greatest adventure. If you’re ready to learn more benefits of hearing aids, visit us at Hear Care Rhode Island.

How Could Hearing Aids Benefit You?

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