Audiology Services in Warwick, RI

Hearing Aid Fitting, Programming & Aftercare

If you’ve been prescribed hearing aids, We will take you through the entire fitting process. Based on the results of your audiogram, the configuration, and degree of your hearing loss, we will customize the acoustic settings of the hearing aid. The process of fitting and programming a hearing aid is intricate, as hearing is a very personal and nuanced experience. As such, HearCare Rhode Island provides a 30-day assessment period. During this assessment period, you will “test drive” hearing aids, utilizing the instruments in your daily life to assess their benefit to your lifestyle.

As you test drive your hearing aids, pay attention to then times they work well and times when they do not. Keep note of these experiences so that we may fine-tune the programming of your hearing aids to meet your specific needs. The comments you provide during the fitting process and subsequent visits will help to maximize the performance of your hearing aids.

At HearCare Rhode Island, we also provide aftercare. If you experience difficulties with your hearing aids or need extra support with the adjustment period, or if you require re-programming, feel free to contact us.

Hearing Aid Repair & Warranties

All new hearing aids dispensed by HearCare Rhode Island are covered by a two-year manufacturer’s repair warranty and loss/damage policy.

For their small size, your hearing aids are powerful workhorses that will prove extremely useful to you every day. In the event that they require repair, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with us at HearCare Rhode Island. Many warranties are null and void if you attempt to take apart your hearing aids and in the process inadvertently damage them. Repair services are available for all makes and models of hearing aids, regardless of whether you initially purchased your hearing aids from our practice.

Often times, hearing aid repairs can be made at HearCare while you wait. If your hearing aids are damaged beyond our ability to repair, we will send the hearing aids to the manufacturer for more extensive repairs.

Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus, a “ringing of the ears,” exists with 80% of hearing loss cases. As a result, many hearing aid manufacturers offer tinnitus therapy solutions with their hearing aids. Tinnitus therapy is often a sound-masking feature available on your hearing aids. If you are experiencing tinnitus, come visit us at HearCare Rhode Island. Tinnitus may interfere with one’s ability to concentrate and sleep patterns, leading to memory problems and productivity issues in the workplace. At HearCare, we’ll check your hearing and recommend a tinnitus solution that will work for you.

Custom Ear Protection

Hearing damage is permanent, which is why it is so important to protect your hearing while you’ve got it. At HearCare Rhode Island, we offer custom ear protection in the form of customized ear plugs. We make ear plugs from a mold of your ear, which ensures a snug fit and defense against harmful sounds that could damage your hearing.

Custom ear protection is recommended for many different walks of life. They are useful in the workplace, especially if your employment exposes you to dangerous levels of sound on a regular basis (construction, factory work, even dentistry!). For amateur and professional musicians alike, HearCare Rhode Island offers specialized musicians’ earplugs to protect your ears from dangerous decibels while still ensuring you are able to hear the sounds you love. For sportsmen from hunters to swimmers, HearCare offers custom ear protection for your different activities to ensure your best hearing health.

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Assistive Listening Devices - ALDS

connectivity - oticon opnAssistive listening devices (ALDs) are used to provide extra amplification for people with hearing loss or people who find themselves in challenging noise environments. ALDs come in many different forms. At HearCare, we offer infrared and FM TV listening devices, which allow you to stream amplified sound through infrared (light) technology or FM waves to small devices worn on your person.

Speaking on the phone may be difficult for people who experience hearing loss. HearCare offers amplified and captioned telephones, from CaptionCall or CapTel. These phones are provided free to the public, with necessary certification of your hearing loss. These devices make phone conversations easier and more accessible for those with hearing loss.

We also offer vibrating alarm clocks and other devices to help with sound in the household (doorbells, smoke alarms, etc.). Contact us at HearCare to learn more about our ALD options.

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