How to Make Hearing Aids a Part of Your Routine

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How to Make Hearing Aids Part of Your Routine

Whether you are new to hearing aids, or you’ve just gotten a new pair, congratulations! You are on the journey to improved hearing.

It does take some time to get used to new hearing aids. With hearing loss, we grow accustomed to hearing with our abilities – even if it means sounds are less clear and voices are muffled. You may become overwhelmed with the clarity of sound while wearing your new aids, which is why it is important to be patient and give yourself the time to adjust.

Here are some tips to help to adjust to new hearing aids and make them a routine part of your life.

Be Patient & Take Time to Get Used to Your Aids

This is the most important part of adjusting to new aids. Sounds may appear too loud at first, but resist the urge to adjust the volume. Your hearing specialist will have advised you on the proper levels to accommodate your hearing needs. Wear your hearing aids for a few hours at first in a quiet area, before taking them out to louder public spaces.

You may also feel uncomfortable at first with the devices in your ears, regardless of their style (in-the-ear, behind-the-ear, etc.). Your hearing aids should not cause pain or major discomfort – contact us at HearCare Rhode Island if they do! – but you will notice some slight pressure in your ear canals or the plastic casing resting on top of your ears. Try to get used to these sensations and be patient, knowing that you’ll get used to how they feel.

Make a Schedule & Stick to It

Build a routine for putting in your hearing aids and make them a part of your morning routine. To ensure your hearing aids are safe, wait until after you take a shower, brush your teeth, blow-dry your hair, or wash your face. Avoid exposure of your aids to moisture or heat of any kind.

We recommend that you wait until after your morning routine in the washroom to put in your hearing aids. If you work out at the same time every day, remember to take your aids out before you exercise or take a shower at the gym. Again, exposure to moisture could harm these little electronic devices.

Before getting ready for bed, remove your aids and store them in a safe, dry place. Some hearing aids may be rechargeable, which means you’ll want to place them in their charging stations overnight.

A daily schedule with your aids will help you keep track of where they are, and ensure that they are safe when you’re not wearing them. At the same time, a schedule will also ensure that you are wearing your aids at the appropriate times – which helps you get used to wearing them!

Work Your Way Up to Daily Wear

When you first get your aids, wear them around the house. Try reading aloud to yourself to get used to the sound of your own voice with the aids on. Try watching your favorite movies or TV shows with the captions on, and practice listening.

Practice conversing with your hearing aids – have a few friends or family over and practice speaking and listening in group conversations. Eventually, you’ll feel more comfortable with your aids. At this point, you should wear your aids when you run errands for a few hours. If you drive, practice driving in quieter, less busy areas with your aids to get used to the experience of driving with aids.

As you wear your aids in different environments, you’ll begin to notice the different sounds you’ve missed and also grow more comfortable wearing them. Try to avoid wearing your aids for long stretches of time immediately, as the amplified sound could be overwhelming and distracting.

Store Your Hearing Aids in a Safe Place

Hearing aids are a great investment, and it’d be a shame if they were lost or broken. With their small parts, they could also be a choking hazard for children or pets.

If you are not wearing your aids, be sure to take them out and store them in the same place. Try to avoid places with moisture and heat, such as your bathroom or the glove compartment of a car.

If you have any questions about adjustment to the fit and feel of your aids, contact us at HearCare Rhode Island. We’re here to support you on the path to better hearing!

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