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Support an Active Lifestyle with Hearing Aids 

In Hearing Aid Technology, hearing aids, Lifestyle by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

Laurie Duffy, M.S.

Today’s hearing aids combine cutting edge sound processing technology with sleek and discrete designs. These modern marvels help people with hearing loss face the challenges of hearing impairment and stay connected to the things that matter most. Hearing aid engineers also recognize that hearing aids have a big job to accomplish – helping you hear your best, no matter where you are and keeping up with your active lifestyle. If you’ve been looking for hearing aids that can keep up with everything you do, here are some considerations to keep in mind.

Ingress Protection

All electrical appliances and devices are rated with an Ingress Protection number, hearing aids included. Also known as an IP number, the Ingress Protection rates how protected a device is from dust and particles as well as water. The number will always be a two-digit number, the first digit representing how particle-proof the hearing aid is, while the second indicates how well a device operates with exposure to water. The higher the numbers, the more effectively your hearing aids will resist particles and moisture.

Active lifestyles mean that you’ll want to think about investing in hearing aids with a high IP number. Opting for durability can ensure that your hearing aid can withstand all the adventures you throw at it. If you spend time a lot of time outdoors, you know how important it is to protect yourself from the elements. Just as you wouldn’t leave the house with the wrong jacket, you want to make sure your hearing aids are up for the task. High IP ratings can resist rain and snow, as well as wind-born dirt and dust. An IP number of 68 or higher is considered very durable and well matched for an outdoorsy life.

Water Resistance

Thinking about how often your hearing aid may be exposed to water and moisture in your everyday life is a good starting place for understanding how rugged you will want your hearing aids to be. Moisture resistance is a constant concern for hearing aids as any water intrusion can cause damage to the tiny digital components that comprise your hearing aid.

Almost all modern hearing aids come with a thin protective polymer coating to help the device resist sweat and condensation. This thin coating covers the entire exposed surface of the hearing aid locking out water and making your hearing aid water resistant. The standard water resistance of hearing aids is mostly for incidental encounters with water and isn’t rated to be submerged in water or subjected to showers or heavy rain.

Water resistance for hearing aids starts to get submergible when the IP water rating is “8” or higher. At the 8 level, a device can be submerged up to 5 ft deep in water for up to 30 minutes without being damaged.


Another part of a busy life is keeping engaged with your social circle. Digital hearing technology has expanded its flexibility in leaps and bounds with new models that focus on connectivity to smartphones and other digital devices. Smartphone-compatible hearing aids can now be used to stream audio directly to your hearing device. This means better connections with phone calls and streaming digital media. Hearing aids linked to smartphones can now remember environmental settings based on your location, adjusting your hearing aid controls automatically.

Digital connectivity is perfect for the busy person. Streaming alerts can connect to smart doorbells and emergency alerts as well as GPS directions – or just the soundtrack to your favorite movie. Combined with smart technology, hearing aids are widening their capabilities with ever-improving sound delivery.

HearCare Rhode Island

When you need a hearing aid that can keep up with you, HearCare Rhode Island can help. Part of our thorough hearing assessment is factoring in your lifestyle when looking for the right hearing solution.

From hearing aids that can accompany you to the beach, to hearing aids that can alert you when your guests arrive, new digital technology is fitting into your busy life better than ever before. When you seek a hearing aid that can go anywhere you want it to, we can help you find and compare reliable hearing aids with great IP ratings. Whatever you want to do, hearing aids are ready to come with you, making sure you hear your best your whole life long!