Support an Active Lifestyle with Hearing Aids

Support an Active Lifestyle with Hearing Aids

In hearing aids, hearing health, hearing loss by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

Are you ready to invest in your hearing health, and get hearing aids? You’ve made a great decision! That’s just the first step in finding the right hearing aids, and you still have a few more steps before you have the perfect fit. This guide will help you find the right hearing aids to support your active lifestyle.

Get a Hearing Test

The first step in finding the right hearing aids is to get a hearing test. We’ll test your hearing to see exactly what sounds you’re missing. Your test results are displayed on an audiogram, and we’ll walk you through exactly what your test reveals about your hearing health. We will also help you learn about the type of hearing loss you have, explain why you struggle to follow conversations, and tell you what you can expect from hearing aids.

Think About Your Lifestyle

As part of the hearing test, we’ll ask you a few questions about your lifestyle. Think about a typical day, and what activities you do every day or every week. You want a hearing aid that will help you hear in the environments where you have the most challenges, or where you spend most of your time.

You may have a quiet lifestyle if you spend most of your time doing activities in your own home, visiting friends in their homes, having one-on-one conversations, and watching TV. You may have a more casual lifestyle if you like shopping, occasionally attend meetings at work, go to religious gatherings, enjoy golfing or biking, and have lunch with friends at your local café. You may have an active lifestyle if you regularly attend large events and meetings, enjoy group sports, and find yourself in complex listening environments almost every day.

Hearing Aid Features for An Active Lifestyle

Modern hearing aids have some incredible programs and features to help you hear. Based on your lifestyle and hearing needs, you can choose the features that will be the best for your life. You will want a hearing aid for an active lifestyle if you:

  • Go to large social events
  • Attend concerts regularly
  • Eat at crowded restaurants every week
  • Have daily meetings, or give frequent presentations at work
  • Travel often
  • Enjoy daily exercise or sports

If this sounds like you, consider features such as wireless compatibility with your smartphone, advanced speech enhancement programs, and water-resistant nano-technology coatings to protect your devices.

  • Bluetooth connectivity can change the way you use your hearing aids. You can stream audio from your phone or other Bluetooth enabled device right to your hearing aids. You’ll be able to stream music to your hearing aids on your daily run and use your hearing aids like wireless earbuds while still being able to hear the sounds around you. During online meetings or phone calls you can hear the conversation right in your ears, easily keep up with what’s being said, and add your valuable insight to the conversation.
  • Water-resistant technology will keep your hearing aids safe from damage. This nano-technology coating is designed to keep your hearing aids protected from dirt, dust, sweat, and moisture, meaning you can wear your hearing aids during sports or other physical activities. You’ll be able to hear exactly what’s going on around you without worrying about your hearing aids.
  • Speech enhancement programs can help you hear conversations easily, even in a large meeting or in a crowded coffee shop. Hearing aids for active lifestyles have directional microphones to help you focus on the conversation in front of you. Speech clarity features help balance sounds to make it easier to hear consonant sounds, and follow conversations without straining to hear. Finally, background noise reduction settings will help you ignore distracting background sounds so you can hear exactly what you want to hear.

Hearing Aids for an Active Lifestyle

Getting the right hearing aids for your active lifestyle can make it easy for you to keep doing the things you love with the people that matter the most. Hearing aids come in all shapes and sizes to suit every lifestyle and hearing need, and we’re committed to working with you to find the right hearing aids for your active lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more!