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My hearing became a real problem about five years ago when I was really having problems hearing people on the phone, across a conference table at work, and in listening to television.

Laurie Duffy of HearCare RI worked with me to find just the right digital hearing aids to suit my needs and budget. She evaluated my hearing, let me try several manufacturers and followed through with very specific training and advice that made me completely comfortable with wearing and caring for my hearing aids.

She also helped me with my insurance and some additional features that also improved the way I used my devices.

The improvement in my quality of life since wearing my digital aids has been astounding. Using Bluetooth technology I can now enjoy talking and listening to conversations on my cell phone and in noisy restaurants.

I also can again enjoy watching television and movies thanks to new technology. My husband doesn't have to listen to loud volumes as I can adjust my individual volume right through my digital hearing aids. It's amazing how simple to use these devices are, and I thank Ms. Duffy and her assistant Sharon for giving me my life back.

I whole heartedly endorse the care and support I have received from HearCare RI.

-Mia of North Kingstown