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Tips for Maintaining Your Hearing Aids at Home

You’ll find that your hearing aids are life-changing in the benefits they provide – giving you access to clearer sounds in your environment and connecting you to the people you love.

Your hearing aids are an excellent investment for overall health. Hearing aids are well-constructed and sophisticated electronic devices that will last for a long time. There are several steps you can take to ensure that your hearing aids are in top form. Here are our tips for maintaining your hearing aids at home.

Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aid batteries are quite small and could also pose a choking hazard. Again, if you live with children or pets, we recommend that you store your battery supply out of reach as well.

If you are carrying a pair of spare batteries with you, avoid carrying them in your pockets with loose change, as this makes them lose their charge faster. Remember to keep the stickers on your batteries until it is time to put them into your hearing aids. If your hearing aids get wet, remove the battery immediately.

Schedule Routine Hearing Repair and Maintenance

The most important thing to remember is to schedule routine hearing aid maintenance appointments with us at HearCare. Our staff is trained to care for your hearing aids and to make any repairs that are necessary. Please avoid trying to repair your hearing aids on your own. We have the proper tools available to properly clean out and repair your hearing aids. The sensitive electronic components may be damaged if handled incorrectly.

If you are noticing issues with your hearing aid, contact us to schedule a hearing aid maintenance today!

Get into a Routine

In your first few days with your hearing aids, you will be getting used to the experience of clear sound. It is important to establish a routine during this time to care for your hearing aids.

When you wake up in the morning, wait until you’ve gone through your morning washroom routine before you put in your hearing aids. Hearing aids are sensitive to water and moisture, so avoid keeping them in the washroom while you shower. Wait until after you’ve washed your face, shaved, applied perfume or cologne, and use hairspray to put in your hearing aids. Some of these products may clog your hearing aids.

Throughout the day, if you are exercising, remember to remove your hearing aids before you begin your workout. This will ensure that your perspiration does not damage your hearing aids. Before you go to bed at night, remember to take out your hearing aids before you get ready for bed.

Proper Storage for Your Hearing Aids

We recommend that you keep your hearing aids in a cool, dry place. Avoid keeping your hearing aids in the bathroom, due to the moisture that may accumulate. If you live in a particularly humid climate, consider investing in a dehumidifying unit. These are units that will dry your hearing aids out overnight while you sleep.

If you live with children or pets, we recommend that you keep your hearing aids out of reach. Aside from the fact that the small size of hearing aids poses a choking hazard, you’ll want to make sure these sensitive electronic devices do not get into the wrong hands – or jaws!