Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Smart hearing aid technology, more energy required.

Why are rechargeable hearing aids are a great option?

Traditional hearing aids are powered by zinc air batteries, with 1 to 1.6 voltage. In older devices, which offer less advanced technological features, these batteries would last between one to two weeks. For binaural (both ears) hearing aid wearers, this came to an average of 100 zinc air hearing aid batteries a year. These days, with newer technology, hearing aids require more energy. This means if you’re using zinc air hearing aid batteries, you’ve probably seen an increase in your battery replacement.

Specialists estimate that 150 billion zinc air batteries make their way to landfills annually. Besides the cost of batteries to the hearing aid wearer, this amount of waste takes a toll on the environment. Zinc air hearing aid batteries have been found to seep into underground water systems via landfills.

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries have been available for at least a decade, but they have not been widely considered until recently.
hearing aid batteries

Rechargeable solutions have undergone major improvements, making them easier to use and more reliable in their charge. For people who experience dexterity issues, rechargeable batteries eliminate the need to fumble with small components of the hearing aid. Rechargeable hearing aids are placed into a charging station overnight, and wearers wake up to fully charged hearing aids ready for their day!