Wireless Connectivity

Today’s hearing aids can be completely invisible, adeptly able to respond to complex sonic environments, and personally customizable to your regular paths through the world.

These new features and functions appeal to a wide range of hearing aid users, making the listening experience so much easier, clearer, and more accurate. In addition to all of these functions, a new range of connectivity options makes it possible to sync hearing aids with phones, television, music streaming, and other technology. These forms of connectivity can seamlessly weave your wireless hearing aids into every dimension of life, enhancing your experiences with minimal inconvenience or need for you to fiddle with them.


Smartphone Connectivity

One of the most useful features of current hearing aid connectivity is the connection with smartphones. Both iPhones and Android devices have apps that connect with many new hearing aid models.


These apps make it possible to get notifications, ringers, and conversations sent straight to your hearing aids as if they were earbuds. If you are familiar with Bluetooth technology, you will know that this connection allows you to stray from the phone itself, becoming untethered from the device while you are talking or using it. With the right profile of settings, you might be able to use voice commands to engage with your phone, as well. Let’s say that your phone is sitting on a kitchen counter plugged into a wall outlet for charging. With your hearing aids in place, you might be able to answer an incoming call through voice-activated Bluetooth technology and to begin talking without ever standing up to pick up your phone.

Additionally, we all know that smartphones are no longer simply used for making phone calls.

Any function that projects audio from your smartphone, including notifications, music, and the audio coming from a video, can all be sent straight to your hearing aids rather than requiring an intermediary device. Imagine the many possibilities for these functions. You might be listening to music on your smartphone, sent straight to your hearing aids, when a text notification comes through. You might retrieve your phone to read the text message and also hear the ringer for an incoming call. Without the need to hold the phone up to your ear, you can talk to the caller if you are in range of your phone. Hearing aid connectivity makes all of this possible!

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Television and Other Technology

OticonNot only smartphones are equipped with hearing aid connectivity. Televisions, media players, and other devices can also be equipped with a connection that sends audio directly to your ears rather than requiring the hearing aid microphones to pick up sound in the room. This function of new hearing aids can be especially appealing to families with mixed hearing ability. Those with hearing loss tend to raise the volume of television and other audio devices to a very high level that can be uncomfortable for other family members. By sending television audio directly to hearing aids through connectivity features, the television can be kept at a much lower level that is comfortable for the whole family.

In addition to televisions, other technology that emits sound can be coordinated with hearing aids, as well.

Smoke and security alarms are now available that coordinate with hearing aids to make sure that you are safe in your home and able to be alerted to danger. With this wide range of hearing aid connectivity, the time may be right to investigate new aids for yourself. Although your existing hearing aids may be serving some of your needs, it is possible that these new connectivity functions can enhance your listening experience in yet unknown ways.

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