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Safety Tips for Driving with Hearing Aids

In hearing aids, Tips & Tricks by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

Getting behind the wheel has always meant freedom. Having your own car means you can go where you want to whenever you are ready. Of course, it comes with risks. In fact, driving may be the single most dangerous thing you ever do, despite that most of us get in a car almost every single day. Each day, an estimated 3,000 lives are lost due to accidents in cars, which equals over 1,000,000 traffic accident …

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Tips for Adjusting to Your New Hearing Aids

In Hearing Aid Maintenance, Hearing Aid Technology, hearing aids, Tips & Tricks by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

Have you recently invested in a new pair of hearing aids? It’s likely that people close to you have been gently suggesting that you have had hearing loss for years, but denial and procrastination are powerful emotions to overcome. So, if you have recently taken the leap and invested in new hearing aids then a huge congratulation is in order. The majority of people wait far too long to address their hearing loss. The longer …

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Preparing for Your Hearing Aid Consultation & Fitting

In Hearing Aid Technology, hearing aids, hearing health, Tips & Tricks by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

It’s estimated that one in eight people in the US struggle with hearing loss in both ears, based on standard examinations. This means that the chances it could happen to you is rather high, especially as we age. One in three over the age of 65 live with hearing loss and this number jumps to around to half of all those 85 years and old. Still, hearing loss can happen at any age. It’s a …

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Why You Should Schedule a Hearing Test for World Alzheimer’s Month

In Dementia & Alzheimer's, hearing health, hearing loss, hearing loss causes, Hearing Loss Treatment, Hearing Tests, Research by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

Does Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of dementia run in your family? It can be alarming as experts still struggle to truly understand what causes this devastating disease. Experts believe that a family history of Alzheimer’s increases your risk by 30%, a risk on top of other risk factors. While you can’t change family history or advanced age, by identifying the risks in your life of Alzheimer’s you can modify behaviors and have a chance …

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Things to Consider when Selecting Hearing Aids

In Hearing Aid Technology, hearing aids, Tips & Tricks by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

Sounds can bring us joy, calm, and when your favorite song comes on- a sense of overwhelming joy. Our hearing is an important sense which along with the others, helps to connect us with the people in our life, at home, at work and everywhere you go. When hearing loss sets in, it can make it hard to connect to people in every aspect of your life, leaving you feeling isolated and outside of the …

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Understanding Hearing Tests

In hearing health, hearing loss, Hearing Tests by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

It can be a long journey towards admitting you have a hearing loss. However, once you do you can finally take the steps towards treatment. The first step is to schedule a hearing exam. Your audiologist will measure your hearing ability and print it out on what is called an audiogram. An audiogram displays the results of your hearing test and while at first it may seem like a bunch of indecipherable lines and symbols …

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Hearing Loss: Your Rights in Public Spaces

In hearing health, hearing loss, News, Research by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

Having hearing loss can feel lonely at times like the whole world is against you. Because you struggle to hear, conversations out in the world can leave you feeling isolated and this is not only with acquaintances but at home too. Even relationships with your family and significant other become strained leaving you feeling lonely even when the house is full of people. This can carry on to your place of work too where common …

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How Quitting Smoking & Lowering Blood Pressure Could Support Healthy Hearing

In Health, hearing health, hearing loss, hearing loss causes, Lifestyle, Research by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

Even for those who take their health seriously, hearing loss is often underestimated. What was once thought of as an ear issue has in recent years been identified as a key factor in the reduced quality of relationships, and chronic emotional issues including depression, anxiety, loneliness, and social isolation? In addition, hearing loss is now been strongly linked to a less active lifestyle, cognitive decline, dementia, and a greater risk of accidents leading to hospitalization. …

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Talking To Your Loved One About Hearing Loss Treatment

In Communication, hearing health, hearing loss by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

Are you frequently asked to repeat yourself during a conversation with a loved one who has hearing loss? Do they need to always turn up the volume while watching TV or a movie? Do you feel like they are not fully understanding what you are saying? These are common ways others are impacted by one’s hearing loss. Hearing loss impacts 20% of the population, making it the third most common medical condition people experience today.  …

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How Often Should I Get a Hearing Test?

In hearing health, hearing loss by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

Most people are accustomed to making regular checkups a routine part of their medical care how ever few ever take their hearing health as serious as they should. While annual physicals, dental exams and vision tests are all commonplace few take hearing loss seriously enough! Hearing loss is classically underestimated and undertreated, particularly by insurance companies which rarely cover a hearing exam let alone hearing aids and cochlear implants. Today more and more research shows …