Things to Consider when Selecting Hearing Aids

Things to Consider when Selecting Hearing Aids

In Hearing Aid Technology, hearing aids, Tips & Tricks by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

Sounds can bring us joy, calm, and when your favorite song comes on- a sense of overwhelming joy. Our hearing is an important sense which along with the others, helps to connect us with the people in our life, at home, at work and everywhere you go. When hearing loss sets in, it can make it hard to connect to people in every aspect of your life, leaving you feeling isolated and outside of the loop, during almost every conversation. In addition, hearing helps us be aware of the world around us. We can hear warning sounds and traffic approach from behind. It heightens our reaction time and helps keep us safe. Therefore those with unaddressed hearing loss are at a higher risk of falls and accidents, leading to hospitalizations. 

Treating Hearing Loss

While there is no cure for hearing loss in 90% of cases, there are treatments available to make it easier to hear in your everyday life. The most common treatment is hearing aids, which can be programed to amplify the specific sounds we struggle with. When you start your day by putting in your hearing aids and end them by taking them out- you can enjoy amplified conversations and sounds throughout the day. This can aid in greater ease connecting to the people in your life and keeping your more alert of the world around you. However, choosing the right hearing aids can feel overwhelming. There are so many features, styles, and options to choose from. That’s why we are here to help you through this process. Here are just a few important things to consider when selecting a pair of hearing aids.

Type and Extent Of Hearing Loss

No one has the exact type of hearing loss. It’s different for everyone. When we you’re your hearing we will determine the lowest volume (decibel) of sound you can detect and also the range of pitch and tone (hertz) you can detect. Based on your hearing exam, we can determine the degree of your hearing loss and this can help us narrow down your options to the styles of hearing aids that will best support you. For those with severe or profound hearing loss, you will require a hearing aid with greater power, while those with a moderate hearing loss may enjoy a smaller more discreet model. The hearing aids come in a variety of different options depending on your unique hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget needs, including:

  • In the canal (ITC)
  • Completely in canal (CIC)
  • Invisible in canal (IIC)
  • In the ear (ITE)
  • Behind the ear (BTE)

Your Lifestyle

In addition to your hearing exam we will also ask you questions about your lifestyle. This isn’t just to get to know you better. We want to understand in what settings you will need to hear. For those who love to get out into the world, staying active with biking, jogging and hiking, a smaller wind proof hearing aid will support this lifestyle. For those with dexterity issues, a larger hearing aid may be essential to make it easier for you to you’re your hearing aids out and put them back in. Everyone has different needs around their hearing, so It’s important to understand what you’ll demand of your amazing sound enhancing devices.

Visibility Preferences

There is no reason to be ashamed of wearing hearing aids however, it can be hard to unprogrammed years of stigma in our culture around wearing them.  Ultimately whatever it takes to wear your hearing aids every day is essential to supporting healthy hearing hygiene is worth it. Today, hearing aids are designed to be tinnier and more discreet than ever. For those who require less power and have a more moderate hearing loss, they may enjoy a tiny hearing aid, which can barely be noticed. Others may not mind that you can see hearing aids, making larger options just as viable for your lifestyle. This especially true of people who may require larger batteries for more power. 

Extra Features

Aside from the basic body of your hearing aids and its model there are so many features to choose from which help to enhance your lifestyle. Those who play or listen to music, there are hearing aid features which enhance the nuance of listening to music. Others may find that Bluetooth enhanced hearing aids can wirelessly connect to all the devices in your life including your TV, car stereo and smartphone. To find out what features may enhance your lifestyle we have a full list. Schedule an appointment with us today to discuss these factors and determine which combination of style and features is right for you.