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October is Protect Your Hearing Month

In hearing health, hearing loss by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

National Audiology Awareness Month and Protect Your Hearing Month both fall in October. With over 36 million people in the United States suffering from hearing loss, more awareness is critical. Hearing loss is becoming increasingly common among younger generations such as millennials, making it more critical than ever to understand the origins, symptoms, and long-term repercussions of hearing loss, as well as how to protect your hearing. Millennials at risk of hearing loss The revolution …

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Hand Dryers Can Hurt Kids’ Ears

In Ear Health, hearing health by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

Hearing damage can be caused by prolonged exposure to loud noise (over 80 dB) or by a single loud noise. Because children’s ears are still developing, they are susceptible to hearing loss from sounds that adults would not consider hazardous.  Make an appointment with HearCare RI immediately if you fear your hearing has been compromised or someone in your family has hearing loss. Hand dryers: surprisingly loud Even the most innocuous objects can offer a …

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Osteoporosis and Sudden Hearing Loss

In hearing loss, Hearing Loss Impact by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

Scientists and audiologists are constantly discovering disorders that can enhance a person’s risk of getting hearing loss. Now they have found a connection between hearing loss and Osteoporosis. According to a 2015 study, people who have Osteoporosis are more prone to develop hearing loss. Bones are essential to our hearing The appropriate functioning of tiny bones within the middle ear is required for the inner workings of our ears, and they are essential in our …

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Hearing Aids Keep You Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy

In Health, hearing aids, hearing health by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

We all know that a healthy diet and regular exercise can do wonders for many areas of your life, but studies are finding that using hearing aids offers similar benefits to your wellbeing. Research has shown that people who treat their hearing loss with hearing aids earn more, are physically healthier, and have a better quality of life than those living with untreated hearing loss. How can so much hinge on your hearing? Your hearing …

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Know Alzheimer’s Disease: Treat Hearing Loss in September during World Alzheimer’s Month

In Dementia & Alzheimer's, Health, hearing health, hearing loss, Hearing Tests by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

September is World Alzheimer’s Month, and so our attention draws to Alzheimer’s Disease, a devastating cognitive disorder with mysterious causes. Although more and more research is being devoted to this condition, many of the causes remain elusive to scientists. The symptoms are well known, as is the degenerative nature of the disorder. And we have yet to discover a cure or a failsafe preventative measure to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the disease. …

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Sensitivity to Sound As We Age

In Ear Health, hearing loss, Hearing Tests, Research by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

As we get older, we face a growing number of critical life transitions, such as employment changes and retirement, children leaving home, the loss of loved ones, —and even the loss of independence. Healthy aging is typically determined by how we respond to and grow from these changes.  There are changes to your hearing, too, including an increased risk of sensitivity to sounds. Let’s take a closer look at this condition.  Aging and sensitivity to …

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When to Get New Hearing Aids

In Hearing Aid Technology, hearing aids, Hearing Loss Treatment by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

If you ever wonder how often you should replace your hearing aids, know that many factors could determine the answer. It can be in response to technical issues with your hearing aid or due to changes in your hearing needs. Consider these five things before replacing or upgrading your hearing aids:  Are your hearing aids functioning like new? For your hearing aids to perform optimally, they require regular maintenance and occasional technical repair. Since they …

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Hearing Aids & Artificial Intelligence

In Hearing Aid Technology, hearing aids, Hearing Loss Treatment by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

From self-driving cars to digital personal assistants,  it seems like in nearly every aspect of life people are exploring the potential of artificial intelligence or “AI” for expanding the capabilities of our current technology. Artificial intelligence systems are becoming ever more common and prevalent in our everyday life with digital technology negotiating ever more complicated environments.  Artificial intelligence has a lot to do with programming multi-layered input assessment with nuanced decision making, attempting to mimic …

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Comorbidities of Hearing Loss

In Dementia & Alzheimer's, Family and Relationships, Health, hearing loss, hearing loss causes, Hearing Loss Impact, Hearing Loss Treatment by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

Comorbidities is an intimidating-sounding term that is used to indicate when a health condition has other health concerns that often manifest alongside it. A testament to how all the systems in the body are connected, the frequency of comorbidities is often an indicator of cause and effect relationships in one’s health.  Hearing loss can seem like such a singular health concern it can be hard to understand that, like many other chronic health conditions, it …

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In the Loop: Get the Most out of Your Hearing with Hearing Loop Technology

In Assistive Listening Devices, Hearing Aid Technology, Hearing Loss Treatment by Laurie Duffy, M.S.

If you are new to hearing aids, the chances are you don’t always understand all the different features offered. Hearing aids today can come equipped with a wide range of assistive features from rechargeable batteries to tinnitus therapy. When considering which features may be right for your needs, it is important to understand the advantages of equipping your hearing aid for loop systems. Also known as “telecoil”, hearing loops are a widely-used assistive technology that …